Thursday, July 11, 2013



I am Ms Theresa Dumbuya from Freetown Sierra Leone in Africa,
although it may come to you as a surprise receiving this mail
from me without a due knowledge of me. My late father Chief
Coker Dumbuya before he died alongside my family in the Sierra
Leone Civil War was a Gold Merchandise Exporter from Sierra
Leone and Ghana to North America,South, Central American and

Ever since my late father's death my uncle has been disturbing
me over the distribution of his wealth, he has already succeeded
in taking over all my late father's properties in Freetown and
leaving me with nothing.

I am only left with the sum of $12,000,000.00 USD (Twelve Million
USA Dollars) and 60KG of Av Gold dust in Two Consignment Boxes
which my late father deposited in a Security Company in Ghana
as belonging to his Foreign Business Partner and I have all
complete proof documents in my custody.

This is why I decided to contact you to play the role of my late
father's Foreign Partner and help me recover this funds and gold
from this Security Company, since it is only when I present my
late father's business partner to this Security Company, only
then WILL this Security Company release of the Consignments.
I am presently living in a refugee Camp in Ghana.I will be gald
if you can help me recieve this money in your name and I will
come over to meet with you in your Country, since I do not wish
to go back to Sierra Leone with this money.

You will take part of the money and keep the rest for me and my
little son.This is my only hope of starting a new life with my
little son.I will also send you my passport for you to confirm
from our Embassy in your country.

Please reply me through

Ms Theresa Dumbuya    

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