Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dear Winner

FROM: THE COCA-COLA COMPANY PRIZE REDEMPTION CENTRE 2014 COCA-COLA WORLD PACIFIC PROMOTION REWARDS. WEB SITE: WWW.MYCOKEREWARDS.COM. Dear Winner, This is to inform you that you have won the total sum of £350.000.00 (Three Hundred And Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds) for this 2014 (NEW-YEAR) International E-mail Draw which was Organized and Sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company Promotions Department (CCPD). Your email address is among the winners in a random World Wide Web computerized draw system, extracted from over a million companies and individual email address of the people that are active online. This promotional draw is conducted in the Africa, due to the death of a legend (Nelson Mandela), but email entries were drawn on a global basis. Six people are selected yearly to benefit from this award and you are one of the Selected Winners, Prize award must be claimed not later than 7 working days from the date of Draw Notification. Any Prize not claimed within this period will be confiscate and transfer to charity organizations. You have to contact our Regional Head Office in United Kingdom with the contact details below; Name: Mr. Damien Lewis. (Director, Claim Department) #1 Queen Caroline Street Hammersmith London W6 9HQ E-mail: You have to provide the following information for the processing of your winning prize (fund). NAME: ADDRESS: NATIONALITY: SEX: AGE: PHONE / MOBILE: FAX: OCCUPATION: Your Email Attached to REF: GML-S343-KKT-8811 and BAT: 56T-DTH78-ZA99 Yours Sincerely, Mrs. Theresa Kotze (Organising Committee) Congratulations! You have

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Please can you stand as my Guardian??

Good day,my name is Mary Qattara 18years old,the only daughter to my late parent Mr/Mrs John Qattara. I am contacting you because i need you to stand as my guardian in the management of a sum $8.5 million u.s dollars that my late father left for me before he died. Please I am ever ready to offer you 30% for your help,10% will be donated to the orphans like me to help the poor,then you will help me invest the balance for me in your country. Please take me like your daughter or your sister. Thanks and I will give you more details as soon as I hear from you.

Sincerely Yours,
Miss Mary Qattara.



ExxonMobil House
Ermyn Way
Surrey, KT22 8UX
United Kingdom
Firstly, I apologize for sending you this sensitive information via e-
mail instead of a Certified mail/Post-mail. This is due to the urgency
and importance of the information. This project is based on trust,
confidentiality and sincerity of purpose in order to have an acceptable
meeting of the minds.
I am Mr. Peter O'Brien, the General Manager Accounting of Mobil Producing
United Kingdom, I got your contact on my confidential search on the
internet for a citizen of your Country, that should stand as my foreign
partner on the claim and joint management of this fund that is lying
unclaimed in the Escrow account of a foreign contractor  of this
organization that died of cardiac arrest in United States of America.
This fund valued Eighteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United States
Dollars (US$18,500,000.00) came to existence as an unclaimed contract
payment made by this organization into the account of a foreign
contractor for a particular contract executed Five (5) years ago , ever
since this payment was transferred into his account here in my country,
every effort made to get hold of his next of kin or relative to put in
claims on this contractor payment has not been fruitful.
The banking rules here in my country, have it that if a depositor has
been confirmed dead and the account has been dormant and for a period of
three (3) years and no one comes up for the claim of such deposit, the
bank has the right to declare the fund as unclaimed and be transferred
into the Government treasury, with a 40% commission, ever since I got
this news I have been waiting for the appropriate time to convert this
fund for my personal utilization, just last week an official notification
letter was sent to this organization by the bank on the arrangement to
declare this fund unclaimed and the recent merger of this company (Mobil)
and Exxon Oil, I see it appropriate to convert this fund for personal
utilization, but this will not be actualized without your help as a
relative of the deceased or his Associate and as the next of kin to the
I am contacting you as a foreigner to stand as my trustee and foreign
partner to enable me present you before the bank as the either the
business associate or the distant relative of this contractor, to
facilitate this fund ownership change in your favor and immediate
transfer into your account, pending my visit there in your country for
sharing and utilization between us, I also want to reassure you that
every step on this fund transfer is free of any risk and it will be
carried out under a legitimate process that will protect you from any
breach of the law.
On the completion of this fund into your account, the sharing should be
50% is for me as the initiator and I will confidently hand over to you
all the essential documents on this very contract that the payment is
lying unclaimed in the bank, you will also guide me on the investment of
this my share into real estate there in your country.
45% should be for you as my partner, considering the essential role that
you will play in this transaction.
5% should be for hidden expense reimbursement that should be incurred on
the legal actualization of this project in your favor.
However, before further details of this laudable transaction will be
revealed to you. I must be convinced of your integrity, transparency and
honest, so I will require from the following details:-
Your name in full.
Your residential Address in full.
Your Mobile (Cell) telephone number.
Tel/Fax Number
Brief information on your profile, this should include your age, marital
status and nature of Job.
This is highly, business transaction that requires someone with
experience, exposure and more than average means of livelihood. Please
treat this transaction as strictly confidential as I am still active with
this organization. Forward your response to this my email account:

Mr. Peter O'Brien

Foreign payment Department

From the Desk of Dr. Abraham Nwankwor

Director, Foreign payment Department
Central Bank of Nigeria,
45, Tinubu Square, Lagos Island, Lagos State,

With reference to your fund estimated at $22.8 million US Dollars currently in our payment database.

We received a LETTER OF AUTHENTICATION, account information and instructions from one MR.PHILIP GREEN an American National who claimed to be your legal representative. The document stated that you have willingly AUTHENTICATE him to the fund, in which the bank information details bellow was submitted to this bank by MR. PHILIP GREEN for immediate transfer of the said sum above to him.
We are writing to confirm if you really authorized MR. PHILIP GREEN to claim the fund and your Account details to be changed to another Bank Account in favour of MR. PHILIP GREEN? Bellow is the account information provided for replacement of yours.

Bank Name: UBS SA Bank Address: CASE POSTALE 2600.1211 GENEVE 2 SWITZERLAND
Account Holder: REMY BOUZARD
Bank account No. USD: 777180.60G
Clearing: 0240 Bank S W I F T-BIC: UBSWCHZH80A
Iban :CH26 0024 0240 7771 8060G

This account was forwarded for immediate replacement and transfer of the fund in question to him, but as matter of our banking Policy, we need the confirmation of your awareness to the claim of MR. PHILIP GREEN and a letter of Authorization.
You are hereby advised to contact this office immediately for clarifications to this matter.
We expect your urgent clarifications please.

Dr. Abraham Nwankwor
Foreign payment  Department
Central Bank of Nigeria

Monday, May 26, 2014


U.S Treasury Department's Office/ World Bank Payment

(OFAC)U.S Treasury Department's
UBA Bank New York, USA
Date: 5th-024-2014



We at United Bank for Africa wish to congratulate you and inform you
today that after through review of 2014 Inheritance/Contract funds
transfer release documents in conjunction with the World Bank of
Africa (UBA) and the Western Union Ministry of Finance Benin's
assessment report, your payment file was forwarded to us for immediate
transfer a part-payment of $21.5Million United States Dollars to your
designated bank account from online world bank offshore account with
our bank.

The Auditor's reports forwarded to us shown that you have been going
through hard times by paying a lot of money to see to the release of
your funds, which has been delayed by some dubious officials. We
therefore advice that you stop further communication with any
correspondence outside this office since you do not have to pay any
money or fee to receive your funds as you have met up with the whole
funds transfer requirements.

The only thing required from you is to obtain NON-RESIDENT CLEARANCE
CERTIFICATE with Insurance Company Benin which will cost you $139 usd

We will help you to see that you obtain the mandatory Non-Resident
Clearance Certificate upon you send the payment of document fees to
enable us credit your account directly by telegraphic transfer or
through any of our corresponding banks in your country and send copies
of the funds transfer release documents to you and your bankers for

Should you follow our directives?
Be 100% guarantee that your funds of total TEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED
THOUSAND STATED STATES DOLLARS will be credited and confirm into your
bank account within Two (2) bank working days from the day you obtain
this Non-Residential Clearance Form with Benin Government.

Therefore, for further details and assistance on this Remittance
Notice, kindly forward to us the following information listed below
mail to enable easier crediting into bank account as instructed by
Ecowas / World Bank in your name.

 1.Your Full Name:::::::::::::::::::::::::
 2.Your Full Address::::::::::::::::::
 3.Your Account Name::::::::::::::::
 4.Your Bank Name :::::::::::::::::
 5.Your Bank Address:::::::::::::::
 6.Your Account Number::::::::::::::
 7.Your Direct/Cell Telephone Number:::::::
 8.Your Current Occupation::::::::::::::
 9.A Copy of Your Picture or ID:::::::::::::::
 10. Your Current Email Address::::::::::::::::

So we looking forward to receive the above needed information to able
UBA Groups speed action on this operation. and for more information,
call on +229 6456 3042 to speak with CEO for United Bank for Africa
Unit. Our Email ID:(

Yours sincerely.
Dr. Philips Oduoza
Tellphone +229 6456 3042

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fw: Hello

Sorry to invade your privacy, I am Maria johnson the wife of Mr Harold Johnson,my husband worked with the shell oil in Kenya.My Husband died after a brief illness in 2001,I am in a hospital in Saudi Arabia receiving treatment and my doctor has inform me that i have just few days to live on earth due to my esophageal cance r.Please i am choosing you to receive this cash on my behalf,and use it to help the less priviledge

This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active.


Good day to you,

I am a banker with China Guangfa Bank. I am sincerely Sorry for bugging into your privacy, it's due to a business deal, l am the Chief Risk Officer and Executive Director of China Guangfa Bank in Hong Kong. I want to present you as the owner of 49.5 million US dollars In my bank since i am the only one aware of the funds due to my investigations. Please grant me the benefit of doubt and hear me out. I need you to signify your interest by replying to this Email: 
James Morrow.


Good day,

I am an Auditor working with Development Bank of Singapore (DBS). I 
have a request for you to Handle with me and write to inquire your 
interest in a business investment which involves huge amount secured 
from our bank for the purpose of establishing a joint venture on Real 
Estate and Tourist Centre oversea.

This fund was highness and domiciled in our bank by a foreign investor 
who died in the Collapsed New World Hotel,it was not appropriated by 
the bank because the account was sealed with Microchips by the 
predecessors for accessibility.

I shall unfold details information upon your reply.

Best regards,
(Audit/Account Executive officer)
Mr.Tang Wing Chang.

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From the Desk of Mr. Gary James

Head, Presidential Adhoc Committe of Foreign Payment Settlement
UsJ 4, Subang Jaya, Selangor. Malaysia
DATE: 24th of May 2014
Dear Sir/Madam,
Going by series on how your Inheritance/Contract/Lottery
funds was handled previously, it has been resolved and
agreed upon by the World Bank Auditors that your funds
should be released to you on a newly implemented
method tagged "ATM SWIFT CREDIT CARD"
You are required to re-confirm your Full Name: Age: Address
: Phone & Fax  Number and next of kin to claim your funds.
Yours Sincerely
Mr.  Gary James
Chairman, PCOFCP

Thursday, May 22, 2014

MONEYGRAM Reference #: 90266861

Dear Customer,
This is in regard of your transfer valued of 1.5m usd which was release
through this moneygram to transfer to you.
Please find below, your information to pick up the first sent
7,000 usd and upon pick up by you, another detail we be sent again. Reference
#: 90266861,Amount: 7,000 usd.Text question: Sent ,Text answer: Yes,Sender
James Paul
Contact dr.chris Ngige,moneygram Director  ( ) call or
sms +22968739622

Mrs Jona Edward.

Monday, May 19, 2014


Good day sir/madam,

My name is Mr. Domnic Addo, I am a retired banker of Standard Chartered Bank of Ghana Ltd.

I do not want problems but I just hope you can assist me, I write you this letter in good faith, I have a transaction of two million seven hundred thousand dollars:($2,700,000.00). I realized this fund from bank excess profit after trading with the capital sum and I deposited the funds in escrow call account. Where nobody will have access to it. Even the bank does not have access to this account because it cannot be deducted, until after the transfer.

Finally I did not declare this fund to the bank before my retirement. I am contacting you, to stand as the beneficiary of this fund because only a foreigner can stand as the beneficiary. Can I trust you to hold this money for me until I come over to your country? After the transfer, I will give you 30% of the money as your commission.

If you accept my offer, but if you do not accept this offer kindly forget that I contacted you, all I need is for you to get a good current account where this fund can be transferred into and for you to stand as the beneficiary of the said amount, within three days the funds will be transferred to your designated bank account.

There are practically no risks involved, it will be a bank-to-bank transfer. I hope you understand my situation, I am critically ill that is why I contacted you to finalize this transaction to enable me have a very good medical treatment.

It will be my pleasure doing business with you,
My regards,
Mr Domnic Addo.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Attention Dear,

We the management and staff of Multinational Oil Company have your email
address as a winner in our end of year email balloting promotion and have
deposited automated teller machine (atm) visa card of €1.2m in the custody of
Security Company which we kept for you, due to we did not hear from you since
that time. Therefore contact the management below for delivery, thank you.

Name: Dr. Simeon Larry
Tel :+229 689 566 63
Yours in service salutation,
Mrs. Raino Rita

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Your E-mail have won

Dear Winner,

Yahoo Incorporated in conjunction with Microsoft Corporation wish to congratulate you over your email address's success in this 2014 development fund. Your email address emerged as one of the forty five final recipients of a cash grant/donation of US$380,000 to salvage your finances and to develop your community. This cash grant is a gift from the United Nations and you will never be required to pay it back.

This financial bailout plan is funded the United Nations and other Economic Development Organizations and Regional Unions which include the African Union (AU), Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD), European Union (EU), Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), North American Union (NAU) etc in an effort to reduce the impact of food and financial crisis around the world. The leaders of these organizations and Unions met in the 2014  Development Summit in New York, United States of America and made donations for this programme. Yahoo and Microsoft were engaged to carry out the task of conducting the email balloting and to subsequently pay winners.

This is the first time this program is taking place. Note that all participant's email addresses were selected randomly from all countries of the world through a random sampling and your email address is attached to file reference number (YM-21-1-1) that emerged as one of the lucky numbers that won the sum of three hundred and eighty thousand U.S. Dollars (US$380,000).

Our method of payment is through the issuance of a bank draft that can be cashed in any of the international banks in your country. Your payment falls within our Asia representative office and it is from there you will make your claim. To file for your claim, please contact our coordinator, Mr. Alex Billy, on this email:  Provide him with the below details to enable him verify and issue you the bank draft:

Full Names:
Residential/Official Address: (Not P. O. Box)
Postal Code:
Winning Email Address:
Valid Phone Mobile Number:
Scan copy of your valid Identity Proof:

The above information is to be emailed to our coordinator, on the above given email, who is responsible to pay you. As a security measure, you are asked to keep your winning information confidential until you have made your claim. This is mainly to avoid putting up a double claim with your winning information which will result to the cancellation of your cash grant. On behalf of myself and all staff of Yahoo Incorporated and Microsoft Corporation, I say congratulations once again.

Your sincerely,
Mr. David Williams.
(President: Yahoo Microsoft Online Draw)

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Attn Dear;

Good day, Your fund sum of $3.800,000.00 has been released and the transfer
begantoday through money gram transfer $7000.00 daily. So, Contact money gram
Agent,Ask him what you need to do to activate your account for the daily pick
ofyour fund. Email:( Tel:+229-68674599.

Your name_____________________
Your country_______________
Your address______________
You're Age/sex____________
Your occupation-___________
Direct phone number_____________
Your home phone number______________

Forward the information ( Call Mrs,Grace Johnson,

Mr.Bello Jim


I am writing this mail to you With due respect, trust and humanity, I appeal to you to exercise a little patience and read through my letter, I feel quite safe dealing with you in this important message, I sincerely writing this email to you with pains, tears and sorrow from my heart, I will really like to have a good understanding with you and i have a special reason why i decided to contact you, I decided to contact you due to the urgency of my situation.

My name is Lori Nyzio writing you from hospital bed, Therefore this message is very urgent. I have a donation to make which I will need your assistance to carry it out for me, I will be 62 years old this coming month, I'm a widow and a servant of the lord for the past 38 years in Ivory Coast.

I have sum of $5.4 Million, Five Million Four Hundred Thousand United States Dollars with my late husband Mr. Daniel Nyzio, I want to give it out to Orphanages homes and Charity Organizations as a vow which I made before the lord.

I have a serious lung and breast cancer and will be going for surgical operation next two weeks, though the doctors already confirmed that I will only last for some months but I am happy and glad that the lord has kept me safe and guided me to accomplished my desires here on earth, I will be happy to meet him where he wants me to be.

I want you to contact my house helper, I have given him the documents and he will direct you to a lawyer who will help you to make a change of ownership for the fund transfer.

Bernard T. Coulibally.
Address: Ave 16 Treichville,
Abidjan 11, Cote d'Ivoire.

He will give you the documents and will direct you to the lawyer that will assist you,

This is the favor I need from you when you received the money under your control.

(1) Give 10% of the money to Bernard T. Coulibally as he has been here for me throughout my illness and I have promised to support him.

(2) Give 60% of the money to Charity organizations, Orphanage homes and Churches e.t.c, on my name so that my soul may rest in peace.

(3) The remaining 30% should be for you and others that you may wish to assist.

May God give you a good heart to assist me for the benefit of suffering children and use you to accomplish my wishes.

Remain Blessed.
Mrs. Lori Nyzio.

Donation for charity

Donation for charity

Greetings to you and sorry if this message came to you as a surprise. My name is Mrs Sarah Jehi a widow, I found your email address through my late husbands internet dater late Mr. Jehi Johnson

I am presently admitted at the hospital suffering from a blood cancer and Parkinson diseases. I have only about a few months to live and I want you to Transfer the sum of ( $6.500,000.00) united states dollars to your account so you can assist me Distribute my funds to charity homes in your country ,

I have set aside 20% for you and your family keep while you donate 80% to the less privilage people,

I will give you more details or full storry as soon as i receive your reply as the fund was deposited with a bank,

Remain Blessed

Mrs Sarah Jehi 

Friday, May 9, 2014


35 Marina P. O. Box 5216,

Dear Customer.

This letter is written to you in order to change your life from today. I
am Mr. James Abel the Director International Remittance Department of
this Bank, my Boss, Mr. Jacobs M.Ajekigbe, the Managing director/CEO of
bank is now on compulsory leave and all power has been vested on me to
make all international payments.
Also, due to reported cases of corrupt practices in other Nigeria Banks
including the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Federal Government has
revoked/cancelled all power vested on those banks and has appointed our
bank (First Bank of Nigeria Ltd) to make all foreign payments.
Be informed that the Federal Government have approved the release of
part-payment of$7.5 Million(Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) out of
your total funds, which has been in this bank for many years unclaimed
because my boss Mr. Jacobs Ajekigbe,in collaboration with the Governor of
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) have refused to tell you the truth on how to
claim your fund, this is because he has been using the interest accumulated
from your fund every year to enrich himself without your knowledge.
I want to help you pull out this fund to your bank account using the
easiest and the quickest method, which have not been made known to you
before. By this method, you will open a domiciliary account with this bank
(First Bank of Nigeria Ltd), your fund would be lodged into this domiciliary
account and your fund will be paid in directly to any bank of your choice.
After the transfer, you will confirm the fund in your bank account within
5 hours the same day. No Cost of Transfer (COT) and no stoppage from any
Government departments as the transfer will be done within the bank alone
and it is very safe.
The method which was introduced to you before is the Telegraphic Transfer
(TT) for which confirmation was 48 hrs, because of the time factor,
petitions could come from various organizations stopping your payment and
asking you to pay huge fee which would be difficult for you to pay so that
they can benefit from the huge interest your fund generates while still in
the Bank.

This method is not safe for you because it is not done within the bank
alone as information of the payment would be sent to the Central Control Unit
(CCU) of the Federal Ministry of Finance and office of the Accountant
General of the Federation.

As a good Christian, I have nothing to gain by keeping your fund, I want
to assist you receive your fund before my boss resumes office. You have to
follow up and work with me now, so keep this very confidential because of
fraudsters and impostors who go about presenting various bank accounts in
order to divert another beneficiary's fund.
your present/valid information we enable us open the domiciliary account for you which your fund will be first transfer into that newly opened account,before the onward transfer to any bank account of your choice.

This information is needed.

Phone Number:
Valid Id Card:

Awaiting your quick response.

Yours truly,
Mr. James Abel
(Director International Remittance Department)

NOTE : If You Receive This Message In Your Junk Or Spam Its Due To Your Internet Provider.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Urgent Letter from London 03/05/2014

Extremely Urgent,
I am David Brown from the United Kingdom.  I am the principal attorney of Abbey Law Firm in Bristol.
I have this privilege to contact after making some diligent profile search in your area in connection with late Mr.Ivan a client of our firm, a national of your country who died with the family in the terrorist bombing attack at Tavistock Square London on 7 July 2005.
Our client died in the tragic bombing attack with the wife and their two children. In 2004, he intended to buy a telecommunication company outside the United Kingdom but due to some problem with the communication company and the government of that country, the project was withheld for the issue to be settled. Under my advice as his lawyer, the investment capital was deposited for a 12 month Term deposit with a bank there. Due to the death of my client in 2005, the project was not executed.
Since 2005, we have been making every effort to locate our client`s extended relatives for the claim of the legacy but all to no avail.
To be brief, the bank is about to confiscate the legacy of our client, since there has not been any beneficiary presented following the termination of the term deposit since 2005. In other to prevent the legacy from being confiscated by the bank, we decided to make a family name profile search in your country and in the process of that we came across your contact with the same family name of our client, hence we contact you to have your consent to present you to the bank as heir to our client.
Kindly get back to us as soon as you receive this letter as the need is extremely urgent.
With Regards,
David Brown, Esq.
Abbey Law Firms Solicitors
Tel: +44 11723 07033

Your payment is now 100% Guaranteed,get back to me

Dear Beneficiary,

I was mandated by the President Federal Republic in conjunction with the Federal Executive Council (FEC), the Senate Committee on Foreign Debts Reconciliation and Implementation Panel on Contract/inheritance/compensation funds to complete all the unpaid Contract/inheritance/lottery fund. You are required as a matter of urgency to reconfirm your information including your name, phone number and your address for verification and immediate payment of (US$10.7m) within 24 hours.

We apologize for any delay you might have encountered in the past; your payment is now 100% Guaranteed.

Kindly choose from these three modes of payment(wire transfer, diplomatic cash payment and ATM card).

Best Regards,
Dr.Kingsley Moghalu
Deputy Governor CBN


Tuesday, May 6, 2014



has finalize all the necessary arrangement and your fund $7.5usd has been
approve by the board of directors of WORLD BANK, you will be receiving $10,000
per day. our attorney will go to the inland revenue tax office to obtain a
letter of administration tax clearance approval on your behalf from high Court.
Your address___
You're Age/sex__
Your occupation
Direct phone number__
Your home phone number__


Sunday, May 4, 2014


Dear Sir,
I am writing you this mail to seek your sincere assistance. My name is Col. William Russel. I am attached to the UKTI Defence and Security Organisation (UKTI DSO) which is UK Joint Delegation to NATO.
My colleagues and I need a faithful, trustworthy partner, someone who is dedicated and committed to duty with trust to receive some funds on our behalf. It is Legal Oil money which was embezzled by some of the Libya Government Official during Muammar Gaddafi regime. We have about USD$15.5 Million (Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) ready to be transferred to you for investment purposes from Libya. The money in question has been kept with a security company and was declared as personal effects.
Please, do not disclose this deal to anybody as to protect my duties with the Military; I must keep a low profile at all times. More details regarding this deal will be made available to you as soon as your interest is shown. Contact me through my private phone: +447924560973 or Fax: +448707620889
Your immediate response will be very much appreciated.
Col. William Russe

From western union pick up your $5000 today

This is to inform you that your $2.5 M USD will be send to you via western
union money transfer. The total amount mentioned above is with western
union out let and they will send the money via western union to you. Note
they will be sending $5000 every day to you.

Provide your full information to them below.

Your Receiver Name..........
Address. .
Occuption  ..........
text Question..  .............

Contact him now on this webmail address: ( +229 68810421. Contact person MR.PAUL FRANK

Mrs.Diane Scott