Monday, May 27, 2013



After waiting for so long to hear from neither you nor your Nigerian partner, resolution were reached  unanimously by the apex body after all scrutiny. Consequently, I open this direct approach without any degree of grudge or dissimulation of mindset rather than a tentacle in furtherance to efficient and uninterrupted payment process.

In the least of my memories, should I've asked you, have you ever for once ask yourself why each time the release of this fund is been approved, suddenly, the payment will neither be embargoed, counterfeited nor strong order from yonder demanding for further internal clearance and extensive encumbrance clarifications. If you've not ask this question simply because it escaped your memory, then here comes the opportunity for you to be inform.

Within my reach as the in charge Nodal Officer and by the virtue of the power bestowed on me, I am willing and ready to work with you to ensure you receive your fund in no time only if you will agree to compensate all my effort during the payment process. if yes then I would be sending my wife to join you any where you maybe 1 week before your receipt of the fund directly from this honorable office after which you shall deliver my compensation to my wife

Your anticipatory response will be appreciated.

Dr. E. J. F. Egem-Odey,
Ministerial Nodal Officer,
The Debt Management Office.

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