Wednesday, November 25, 2015

From Mrs. Koning

I am Mrs. Anna Koning. I was diagnosed of cancer about 2 years ago,
and I am receiving treatment for it, but I have just been informed by
my Doctors that I have a short time to live.When I was in good health,
I never really cared for anybody, with no child of my own and a late
husband .I have decided to give you the sum of $5 Million so you can disburse
to charities, widows, orphans and less privileged.
I was doing this myself before my health deteriorated. I mandated my
relatives to do this for me but they only saw it as an opportunity to
enrich themselves.I am due for surgery soon, I want this act of mine
to be an offering to humanity, perhaps some people may be saved.
Please let me know if this is something you can handle and I will
provide further details.

Stay blessed,
Mrs. Anna Koning.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Attn: Beneficiary,

We have been waiting for you to contact us for your ATM VISA CARD worth $450,000.00 (four Hundred and fifty Thousand United States Dollars), being compensation fund for 150 scam victims, but I did not hear from you all this while And one Mrs Maria Dean claims she is your representative that we should send the money to her.

Please I want to verify from you before we deliver your ATM VISA CARD to her, the issue of this compensation was approved after the meeting held behind closed doors between my humble self and the Director Federal Bureau of Investigation, United Nations Representative in West Africa and the Burkina Faso Government and their presidency, so after the meeting it was concluded that all victims of scam will be compensated by the Burkina Faso Government as a means to sanitize them,  So all we need from you is to follow up our instruction to enable you receive your own  ATM VISA CARD before it expires.

Further information and all the documents pertaining the compensation is intact with us including Insurance premium scheme and Clearance Certificate of the package showing that it is not Drug Money or meant to sponsor Terrorist attack in your Country, please send your reply to this E-mail address ( to enable us process the delivery of your own ATM CARD.

So confirm the below information to enable our agent get to your home:

1. Full Names:
2. Residential Address:
3. Phone Number:
4. Occupation
5. Country:
6. Identification:

Best regards
Mr. Zongo Dondasse.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dear Partner,

Dear Partner,

I came across your e-mail contact prior a private search while in need of an investment partner. I am Mrs. Aisha  Gaddafi, 38years old and a single Mother (a Widow) with three Children and by birth i am the only biological Daughter of late Libyan President(Gen. Muammar Gaddafi) my Father was killed on 20 October 2011 and three of my Brother were also killed during the war, including the former National Security Adviser Mutassim Gaddafi, who died at the hands of the rebels on the same day. I was granted refuge in Algeria with my mother and brother and Three days after my arrival i gave birth to my baby girl called Safiya.  After some time, the Algerian government accused me of setting fires on the house and burning the Algerian President's picture. However, that was how I was booted out of Algeria. I left Algeria to Burkina Faso where i am presently seeking a confidential asylum.

I have Four Million Eight hundred And fifty Thousand Dollars ($4,850.000.00 )  deposited by my late Father (late Gen. Muammar Gaddafi) and i need an investment Partner, however, I am curious in you for an investment  project assistance in your country, may be from there, we can build a business relationship in the near future.  I want to know if you have the ability, workforce, strength and experience to handle the investment in one of the following sectors; Real Estate, Hotel Management/Tourism, Stock Management, Hospital Management, Commercial Agriculture, Dealing on Oil and Gas, Purchasing and Supplying of Golds,  Export and Import of different manufacturing products  in your country and you shall get rewarded financially without affecting your convenience and i have an interest of partnering with you in your company/business.
What You Will Be required to do:
1] Provide a bank account where the funds will be transfer via Bank to Bank Transfer.
2] Invest and Manage the Funds Profitably on my Behalf pending when i will be ready to take over.
3]30% of the total fund will be for your assistance, while the balance of 70% will be for the investment

I am willing to negotiate Management Sharing Percentage after the confirmation of the funds in your account. I shall expect to hear from you urgently as this is of high Priority. I shall make available to you all necessary information, directives and possibly arrange a meeting prior to the commencement of the transaction at the bank where the funds is deposited.
Your Urgent Reply Will Be Appreciated
Mrs Aisha Gaddafi