Sunday, May 26, 2013


My dear, I am contacting you in confidence and trust with a risk free proposal which came up due to the recent market trends.  I am an investment advisory specialist with a known Caribbean bank. I also worked as a discretionary investment specialist with Ernest and Young in the United States before joining the bank where i am at present.  It is my duty to provide the mega clients with customized investment opportunities through equity, fixed income, derivatives and innovative structured instruments that seek to meet specific investment opportunities. Just a week ago, i was informed that we had lost a very important client with little details on what may have caused his sudden demise. Subsequently, this client is a mega client who only recently allocated $76m in a multi-asset class portfolio investment package. His records are yet to be entered in the system, because he delayed in completing the contractual agreement. Even as am emailing you now, the
money is being processed for alternative investment which is the routine procedure when a client did not mention a beneficiary.  We can arrange to transfer the funds to a safe account, since it is not on records as yet. I will be most willing to part with only 75% of the money while you get the rest %25. Please give it a thought to be sure that you won't be bothered providing the safe account. I am a frequent flyer, so i will prepare to meet you under secure arrangements to discuss my own transfer once the money has been secured in your account, however your consent to assist with the safe account will prove worthwhile as time continues to tick by the seconds. In other words, I have limited time to finalize this objective. Nevertheless, it is my modest believe that the key to a successful investment relationship is a complete understanding.  All i need from you is your full names, address, contact telephone/fax, present occupation and designated
banking details ( for the transfer to take full course). I decided to leave the subject of this email as "EQUITY", to disguise the contents because of the value of the transaction and the abject need for utmost confidentiality.
You may email me  here ( ) and i will leave my telephone number in response. Best regards,
Dr.Idris Mark.     

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