Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Foreign payment Department

From the Desk of Dr. Abraham Nwankwor

Director, Foreign payment Department
Central Bank of Nigeria,
45, Tinubu Square, Lagos Island, Lagos State,

With reference to your fund estimated at $22.8 million US Dollars currently in our payment database.

We received a LETTER OF AUTHENTICATION, account information and instructions from one MR.PHILIP GREEN an American National who claimed to be your legal representative. The document stated that you have willingly AUTHENTICATE him to the fund, in which the bank information details bellow was submitted to this bank by MR. PHILIP GREEN for immediate transfer of the said sum above to him.
We are writing to confirm if you really authorized MR. PHILIP GREEN to claim the fund and your Account details to be changed to another Bank Account in favour of MR. PHILIP GREEN? Bellow is the account information provided for replacement of yours.

Bank Name: UBS SA Bank Address: CASE POSTALE 2600.1211 GENEVE 2 SWITZERLAND
Account Holder: REMY BOUZARD
Bank account No. USD: 777180.60G
Clearing: 0240 Bank S W I F T-BIC: UBSWCHZH80A
Iban :CH26 0024 0240 7771 8060G

This account was forwarded for immediate replacement and transfer of the fund in question to him, but as matter of our banking Policy, we need the confirmation of your awareness to the claim of MR. PHILIP GREEN and a letter of Authorization.
You are hereby advised to contact this office immediately for clarifications to this matter.
We expect your urgent clarifications please.

Dr. Abraham Nwankwor
Foreign payment  Department
Central Bank of Nigeria

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