Sunday, June 23, 2013

Possible Spam : QUICK RESPONDS!!!

Good day;

First i will like to introduce myself to you. My Name is DR. Hannah
Cristabel, I am a medical consultant with Alpha Hospitals. You can
our website at:

We have a patient here by name Mrs Zurina Sani Yunus from Iraq who is
suffering from Pickwick Syndrome. She is 53years old.

She was the accountant General for Iraq.This sickness has no known cure
especially when it has affected the heart. Presently, this woman is
from this sickness, and has requested that her family wealth be used
charity work globally.

Mrs Zurina Sani Yunus personally confided in me two days ago that her
husband deposited the sum of Seventeen Million Five Hundred Thousand
States Dollars US$17,500,000.00 Seventeen Million Five Hundred Thousand
United State Dollars in a Property Security Establishment in Malaysia
is in South East of Asia.She confided in me that he deposited this
without the knowledge of their family. And it was deposited as a
consignment of trunk box containing personal effects such as jewelries
worth millions of dollars.

Presently, she has pleaded with me to source for a trust worthy
who can handle this charity programmer on her behalf since she no
have hope of living anymore. She said since non of her immediate family
members are alive to
inherit this fund, she has decided to use it for charity work. And she
also made me to promise her that i will never contact any relative of
to handle this issue either.

So i am soliciting for your concern here. Mrs Zurina Sani Yunus has
promised to give 50% to whomever i contact for this project. and you
give me 10% as the middle person who introduce this project to you,Then
other funds she said should be use for building a charity home and
after her which she gave as ZURINA CHARITY HOME FOR THE NEEDY.

If you are keen in helping this generous woman achieve her vision of
contributing to the needs of the less privilege before she departs this
world, please do provide me with your contact details so that i can
to her on this development for
further action.

Waiting for your positive reply.

Dr.Hannah Cristabel

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