Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Dear friend, my name is Isabel I am 16 year old. I am the only daughter to Lopez and Texidor Humberto who were victims of an aero accident in Cuba. My late Dad before his death was the president of Humberto groups here in Cuba with a branch in United Kingdom. Where he had a wife which was not properly disclosed to us (my mom and i). Few days after the death of my parents this woman has come from no where to claim all that my dad left for me. As the only daughter, most of my dad's properties were willed to me but my step mom in conspiracy with the ex-Attorney of my dad have tactically and forcefully collected everything from me, leaving me with nothing. But not known to them is the sum of ($3,500,000.00) with an insurance company in London. Several times I have been threatened by my step mom if i knew anything about any money but my consistent answer has been no. My Mom before her death told me about the deposit. I barely eat or drink water in a house
that belongs to my parents, because of this case I dropped out from school. If I continue to live under this roof I am sure I will die, the other day she poured hot water on my left arm, I am only grateful to God who gave me strength, her lawyer boyfriend has taken over the house and to make it worst they won't allow me out. I am only using the opportunity that she has gone out to write you this mail. All I want you do for me is assist me get out of here, i promise that i will not be a liability to you. This is why i want to entrust you with this money. I will tell my dads real attorney that you are a relative of mine from my moms side please i want you to agree the same if he asks you, So that he would have the mind to release the documents of the deposit to you. He is a very nice man and has been of serious help to me since the death of my parents. All I want is a happy home where i will not have anything to do with them, where i will be free,
continue my education and also have a little investment of my own. I do not mind sharing the money equally with you. Just save my life please. If you assent to help me send me your full name, your address and telephone number so that I can forward to my dad's attorney to enable him release the documents of the fund to you. Although what ever I tell him I know he will do as he is a very good and listening man. Looking forward to your response. Yours truly,

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