Sunday, July 29, 2012



Customer Service

Good day, we announce to you the draw of our programs held on the 1st of July 2012 in London. Your e-mail address with serial number 5388/02 drew the lucky numbers: 31-6-26-13-35-7, which subsequently won you the sweepstake in the 2nd category.

You have been approved to claim a total sum of Ј7,500,000.00 GBP (Seven million, five hundred thousand, Great Britain Pounds) in cash credited to file RPC/9080118308/04 made available from a total cash prize of Ј125 Million GBP. You were randomly selected for the online version from World Wide Web sites through a computer drawn system extracted from over 100,000 companies.

Please note that your lucky number falls within our booklet representative office in Europe as indicated in our play coupon. In view of this, your Ј7,500,000.00 GBP (Seven million, five hundred thousand, Great Britain Pounds) would be released to you by our affiliate bank in the United Kingdom as soon as you establish contact.


To file for your claim, contact our fiduciary agent via email, see details below;

AGENT: Mr. Samuel Collins


Remember to quote your reference information in all correspondence. You are to keep all information away from the general public especially your serial numbers. (This is important as a case of double claims will not be entertained). Members of affiliate agencies are automatically disapproved from participating in this program.

You are hereby advised to send our fiduciary agent the following;
1. Your full name
2. Primary contact address
3. Your primary contact numbers; phone and fax

Congratulations from all members and staff.

Michael Ronin, Esq.
Zone Coordinator

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