Sunday, July 29, 2012

African Union Finance Commission (AUFC)

From: 김정수 <>
Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2012 9:55 PM
Subject: African Union Finance Commission (AUFC)

Attn please,

This letter is from African Union Finance Commission (AUFC)in conjunction with the World Bank regarding your payment of $8.500,000 USD which has been held due to your delay response unable to meet up to the demand the courier charges.The African Union Finance Commission is the central banking system of the African Union(AU). It was created with the enactment of the African Union Act to conduct the nation's monetary policy, supervise and regulate banking institutions, maintain the stability of the financial system and provide financial services to depository institutions, the African continent, and foreign official institutions.

Based on the fact that the ongoing terrorist activities/economic crimes and online fraud is largely practiced in Africa,we have made it compulsory that any foreign transaction originated from Africa which is above $500,000 USD must undergo the full clearance in this office which i am heading.No fund will be transferred oversea without the notice of the AUFC whereas the fund is originated from Africa.

We must verify the legitimacy of the fund and after proper verification,we will issue the original approval,have the fund recorded and then transferred to you with the help of World Bank office in Switzerland.Today when we are having a dialogue with the international center for the settlement of investment disputes(ICSID) with the world bank,We found that you have never received the $8.5M USD since 2011.The said fund is now in our custody awaiting adjudication and crediting to your account once we hear from you.

As a matter of urgency,You are advised to contact Barr. Kingsley Nweze who is in charge to guide & assist you in all step to claim your payment from the world bank.He is the Federal Councillor and Minister of Economic Affairs AUFC,His contact Details is below

Office of Mr Kingsley Nweze
Federal Councillor and Minister of Economic Aff airs,
Tel:+234 8062362131

Some of your personal data has been shared with this office to help in the legalization process and to fight against numerous impersonators.However,you will reconfirm your information to Mr Kingsley Nweze while contacting him to enable him confirm your identity.The below data is what you will send to him:

Full Name.....................
Valid House Address...........
Mobile phone number...............
Current occupation & Age...........

You have been confirmed today and approved to receive $8.5 million USD from the world bank within 72 hours and they are waiting for your application of claim.Your fund is in our custody and no one has the right to transfer it to you without our approval.So better terminate further communication with any office claiming to be in position to transfer your money to you.The consequent noes of not adhe ring to this warning will be yours.We are waiting for your urgent response.

Incumbent Mrs Robinson Good luck.
Chairperson of the AUFC   

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