Monday, December 16, 2013

Western Union Lottery Bonanza

On Monday, December 16, 2013 7:13 PM, Robert Johnson <> wrote:
01 BP 955,308, rue Reverend Pare Collinear, Zone Commercial Ganhi
Website: Send Money Worldwide.
(please if you got this message in your spam please we are so sorry is because of our low networking but we will soon done something about it
Dear Customer,
You are welcome to Western Union Money Transfer head office BeninRepublic.I am Dr.Robert Johnson by name, the new director of Western Union Foreign Operation, I resumed work last week Monday and your dailytransfer file was submitted as pending payment in our Bank and after myverification, I called the formal Accountant Officer in-charge of yourpayment to find out the reason why they are delaying your daily transferand he explained that you was unable to activate your daily installmentaccount Fund Ownership Certificate.
However, I don't know yourfinancial capability at this moment and it was the reason why I decided
to help in this matter just to make it easy for you to start receivingyour daily transfer and am sure to get some share sum of the moneybecause I know that when you receive the total $2.7Million that you willdefinitely compensate me, I don't want you to lose this fund at this stage after all your efforts.
Most wise people prefer to use thismedium Western Union Money Transfer now as the best and reliable means of transfer because of the scammers who uses the Courier Companies and Bank to Bank Wire Transfer to scam innocent people like you their hard earned money.
Kindly take control of yourself and leaveeverything to God because I know that from now on, you will be the one to say that our lord is good, so I will advice you to send me yourdirect phone number because I will text you the MTCN through SMS andattach other information and send through your email box, Sender name Sender's address with Question and Answer including all documents involve in the transaction.
For this moment i will be very gladfor your quick response by sending sum of $55usd so that I will quickly do the needful and finalize everything within 1:43pm our local time here, I am giving you every assurance and guarantee that as soon as i receive the $55 that i will activate your daily installment account and proceed with your first transfer of $5,000.00 before 1:43pm our local time here because I will close once its 6:30pm been today OK.
Be aware that all verifications and arrangement involve in this transferhas being made in your favor. So I need your maximum co-operation toensure that strictest confidence is maintained to avoid any further delay. Send the $55usdusd through Money Gram Transfer or Western Union Money Transfer to below following information and get back to me with scan copy of the Western Union slip OK.
Receiver's Name......SAMUEL IFEANYI
City, Country.... Cotonou,Benin Republic
Text Question......who is Great
Amount $55usd
Sender s name...
I felt pains after going through your payment file and found the reasonwhy you have not start receiving your fund from this department andready to do my utmost to make sure you receive it all OK. Be rest assured that I will activate your daily installment account and postyour first $5,000 USD for you to pick-up today as soon as we receive the require fee for activation and Fund Ownership Certificate from you.
Please do not hesitate to contact us again should you require additionalinformation you can email us with diamondbank( for further urgentattention, as we are here to serve you better. Thank You For Banking With Us..once again if you got this message in your spam please we are so sorry is because of our low networking but we will soon done something about it
Yours faithfully,
Dr.Robert Johnson
Managing Director
Western Union Foreign Operation

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