Friday, December 20, 2013


Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship
with you. I got your contact from the internet search where searching for a
responsible and humble person who will assist me on this,so I must not hesitate
to confide in you for this simple and sincere business

I need your help to receive my consignment containing 30 Million United States
Dollars and some quantity of gold and Diamond, which I cannot specify. The
consignment is presently in United States of America . Mr. Walker Mensah (my
diplomat) is suppose to have delivered this consignment to a man
called Mr. James Stiward in America.

The week diplomat Walker Mensah is suppose to deliver the consignment to
him, when he got to States-New York after clearing the consignment from the
Airport, he call Mr. Stiward to give him the directions to is house for the
delivery, but his wife answered the call and told my diplomat that her husband
Mr. Stiward had a fatal car accident which led to his death some few hours
later. Mr. Stiward has already paid the demur rages to the security company, he
paid for Bullion van that took the consignment to the airport and he paid
for custom check report he also assisted us in getting the DRUG / ANTI
TERRORIST CERTIFICATE, but unfortunately he died
in a car accident, that was why Mr. Walker Mensah has to deposit the
consignment with a warehouse over there in States and called us to
informed us about what is happening. You can call Diplomat Walker Mensah on
718 509 6875 for update and also directions as regarding where you need
him to make the delivery to you.

Please when you call him you will tell him that you are calling in respect of my
consignment that is in America, and tell him that You are my new beneficiary
and that he should make the delivery to you, that was why you are calling
him now to know. If diplomat Walker Mensah ask if you have discussed
with me tell him yes.

Please get to diplomat Walker Mensah on time and get back to me through mail.

Moreover, if you can assist to participate and retrieve this money from the
diplomat as he does not know the content of the consignment, I will be
very happy to compensate you with 30% of the total sum. This
transaction is 100% risk free.

Consequently, I need an experienced person like you to assist me setup,
develop our project as I intend to invest in building a tourist hotel,
real estate development and on agriculture, on resumption of this project,
you will be the director for the role and assistance you rendered, and you will
also be entitled to a percentage agreed upon from the investment.

I wait your kind and positive update soonest.

Thanks and God bless you.

Best Regards

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