Tuesday, December 3, 2013



Although you might be apprehensive about my email as we have not met before, I am Anshul A Gupta, I was made Regional Head of Mergers & Acquisitions at HSBC, Managing Director - Investment Banking at HSBC Limited by the Board of directors of my bank HSBC (United Kingdom) to compile all credit accounts that has been in operation with the bank.

During the compilation of all credit accounts, I discovered a credit account with A/C NO: BN 0630 901 3261 and (£25,500,000.00 Million POUNDS) deposited. My investigation and document confirmed in his account file reveals that the investor died without a WILL, and It was A German who Ran car maker BMW's museum and that was the exact period the account were last operated. I can confirm with certainty that nobody has ever came as heir apparent of Late Engineer Eric Arnold legacy. 

The United Kingdom law demands that I notify the fiscal authorities after a statutory time period of thirteen (13) years when dormant accounts of this type are called in by the monetary regulatory bodies. The above set of facts underscores my reason for writing and making the following proposal to you. I have chosen to seek your consent to work with me as a partner to achieve this fund under the legitimacy as the heir apparent of Late Engineer Erich Anorld Without any fear or doubt arising from the bank authority. This is not a cheat, it's just an opportunity and any one with useful information regarding this account information can apply but been the only one to discover this I have to contact you. Please, do let me know your readiness towards achieving this goal together as a partner by responding to me immediately.

Sincerely Yours,

Anshul A Gupta

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