Friday, September 19, 2014


Good day,

   I have been trying to reach you all this while but I couldn't until now. Have you heard about the IRS, NRC, 9/11, Deaf -Family Health Compensation Programme in the course of supporting the Unemployed, Retired, Disabled and other selected people around the world by the United Nations?  I saw your name on the list of those who are eligible to be compensated, however, I was wondering if you have received your compensation fund or not. More so, I was made to understand that our names were randomly picked amongst other Eligible claimers of the year. The Grant is to help citizens who have good tax records and citizens without any criminal records. I never knew I'll be qualified to be compensated but here I am. 
   It is a Compensation by the U.N to help  eradicate Poverty and to maintain good standard of living. As for me, I contacted the coordinator in-charge as ordered by the good Samaritan that told me about it and I was asked to re-confirm some information about myself which I did, In no time, my information was verified and the compensation Check was delivered to me in less that 24-hours. In fact right now people are being approved to receive large sum of money to start business, pay for their children education, medical bills, and even  buy houses of their own. All you have to do is to contact the coordinator in-charge and see what the outcome would be...Below are the contact information; 
 Agent; Morris Brooks
Barbara White.

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