Sunday, September 28, 2014



My name is Maria Elena, 19yrs old daughter of a known Politician who was murdered 8yrs ago. I do not have a mother as I was told that mother died earlier when I was 2yrs old, I was brought up by my father. I became Orphan without mother and father only family Lawyer who has been supportive, he told me that my father owned US$5million, which was deposited in a local bank here..

The people that killed my father 8yrs ago are threatening to take my life, if  attempt  to lay claims to my fathers property, I tried to reaching the bank to have the funds, but the bank director said,  Im not matured yet to receive the fund, that my father stated in writing, I must be 25yrs or above to receive the fund. Alternatively, I introduceda Foreigner or my husband, but Im still single, not married yet, so I need you to help me receive this fund, am ready to travel to your country when the fund is transfer to your account.

Please do reply to my message. THANK YOU..

Ms. Maria Elena.

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