Friday, March 30, 2012

job offer vacancy

Hello dear hope you are not offended by my unexpected message to you. Am Mr. Graham West,i am looking for a person or couple to live with us and assist my

delightful child Amanda, I NEED A NANNY/DRIVER/SECURITY/COOK/PERSONAL ASSISTANCE EXPERIENCED OR NOT,i have decided to seek a nanny to my Daughter, and i do not want to let her go as she is my only source of joy this reason the court as ruled that i should get a nanny that will work with me for at least 2 years
or more . I JUST NEED SOMEONE WHO IS GOD FEARING,LOVING AND MATURED. we are living in the UK.I am willing to pay £1,500 per month and allowance of 100 pounds every week,you will have free accommodation and food, so if you are interested you can reply me
back only on this email id:

I await your response.   

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