Monday, March 5, 2012

Anxiously expecting to hear from you.

 From the desk of 
Mr. Salif Sanou
The Fund manager , Audit and Account Department, Bank Of Africa, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso , West Africa.

Dear Friend,
I knew receiving this mail may be a surprise to you and temptation to ignore it may come to your mind as unserious transaction, but please try to have a way of considering /accept this proposed business transaction after reading it.

I have a business that will be beneficial for both of us , I'm the fund manager , Audit and Account Department, Bank Of Africa, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso , I decided to contact you regarding this business transaction, I have properly organized as to use it to settle myself and my family since I have no post in the government of our country, after my predecessor in office misappropriated funds I used that opportunity to diverted some funds.

Well, I handle all our client's capital funds/investors and also oversee paying of contracts, to this regards,  I secretly extracted / removed a certain amount of our client's minimum return and divert the money to a former customer's account, who happens to stop banking with our bank since 2002 and the total money diverted to the account of the former client is a marginal balance of ($6.6 million) Six Million Six Hundred Thousand United Sates Dollars.

I seek your consent to help me retrieve / transfer this money out of our bank to your account , by applying as the next of kin to inherit this money in custody , because the account where I diverted these money were assuming that the owner of the account have been dead and no body is coming to claim his remaining balance in custody, hence I knew that none of his relatives will not come to claim these money.

The procedure to claim this money it that you will apply as an associate and relative of the owner of the money in custody.
If you accepted the proposal, please respond immediately for more details and for what will be your profit for participating as next of kin to the deceased client and claim this money in custody.

Please do not be surprise as how I got your contact, I got your contact on my search for a reliable/trustworthy someone who will help me retrieve this money and immediately I came across your contact, my instinct tells me that you will not betray or cheat me when this money will enter your account and so I decided to contact you by using spirit of understanding and mutual trust in choosing you.
Thanks and hoping that you will also understand and portray your interest.

Best Regards

Mr. Salif Sanou
The fund manager
Audit and Account Department
Bank Of Africa
Ouagadougou Burkina Faso                        

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