Tuesday, March 31, 2015

please help me


Dear sir/madam,
sorry for contacting you through the medium, is the only way and means to reach you, and i pray my motive of contacting you we be given a genuine approval, by the grace of god.

I am   Marry G  Dubia.Originally from Congo,a refugee 
in Ghana. I have a consignment boxes two, presently 

 It surpose to be deliver to my late former beneficiary, 
(Mr Hseng Yung Chin) he died on the malaysia 
missing flight some months ago, all way and means 
to contact his family prove abortive.

 That the reason i am seeking to you to be my newly beneficiary to receive the consignment boxes. me and my sick sister who is suffering from cancer of the lungs in the refugee camp here in Ghana is willing to offer you 45% for your assistance.5%for any expensive.50%for the family for invest purpose in your country. And also i want to finish my schooling under your care.

The total money inside the consignment boxes is 
$120million,(ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY MILLION USDOLLAR) including 10kilos of GOLD. The United Nation Courrier Services Dept did not know the content of the consignment boxes, i told the company   it contain family belongings.

 You are not paying  for the delivery, my late foreign beneficiary have paid for the delivery charges of $38,900.We  have to change all document to your 
Names by the Federal High Court of Justices in Ghana.

Immedaitely all Original copies we be send to you as 
the newly beneficiary, and also  copy of the document we be send toUNITED NATION COURIER SERVICES DEPT.

Please help me you have nothing to regret about, 
THIS TRANSACTION IS 100% SURE and risk free.Me and my kid sister is dying in the refugee camp here 
in Ghana.
Please help us. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your, s Sincerely

Marry G Dubia., For The Family.
Reppy to my Private 
For Security Reasons.

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