Sunday, March 1, 2015


Good Day!!


It is my humble pleasure to introduce myself to you. However, I would need your attention for a moment. I am Mr. Momtaz Kabbout, a citizen of Lebanon, Born in Tripoli Libya but presently in Republic of Togo-Lome West Africa. I hope that you will not expose or betray this trust that I am about to repose on you for the mutual benefit of our both families.

Note: my primary aim of communicating with you has two objectives; firstly,I need your urgent assistance in moving out some substantial amount to your bank account within 7 banking days. Including 250KG of Gold Bar for sale.But for security reasons I will not mention the amount here yet until I hear from you. This fund and Gold Bar came from (Late Khamis Gadhafi), a senior military commander under his father who died in a battle with rebel forces between the villages of Tarunah and Bani Walid in northwest Libya.

I am his personal investment manager. This fund was moved secretly to me for a project of building an Estate and Poultry Farm with Cooled Storerooms in Atakora Northern area of this country. 10 days after I received these funds, Libya civilian war started and Mr. Khamis was killed both his father and others. And until this moment no one knows about this money lay down in my (Bank Security Vault) in my name in Togo Rep here.

NOTE: None of his family or relatives knows anything about this fund. So since he is dead for some years now, I will not continue keeping silent to allow this money to remains here, and I don't want the fund to go into government treasury account as an abandoned fund.

For this reason I contacted you to assist me and stand as the Beneficiary/Contractor whom we awarded the contract to Supply building materials for the project to claim the fund. Please note that there is No Risk of any kind involved in this business as there is no document of this fund and gold that bears or related the name of (Late Khamis Gadhafi).But I must move the funds out of this country through someone due to the remarkwe made on the fund and Gold bar on deposit day.

Lastly, to avoid fraud, I would like us to meet Face to Face in Togo here to enable me take you to the Bank to have a practical view where the funds and Gold bar lays. There you will open account and the fund will be moved to your newly created account and in your present bank will make onwards transfer to your nominated bank account in your country according to your instructions. Note: all vital documents concerning this fund and gold bar is intact with Credit General in my name.

If we agree in everything, that means you have to prepare for emergency trip to Lome-Togo for us to meet in Credit General. My private lawyer will be there as well, butIn case you were not able to fly down due to maybe your condition of health or business engagement tied up, we can consider transferring the fund online to you,and we will use the medium of purchasing products of any kinds from your country to move the funds gradually and freely to your nominated bank account to avoid interruption by your government, as many Countries have money restrictions and different laws about huge fund coming inn.

Please keep this proposal as a top secret and delete it if you are not interested. Upon your reply I will give you full details about the execution of this transaction and also note that you will be entitled of 40% of the total sum and 60%will be for me and my lawyer. I will mention the amount involved on my second reply.

I await your urgent communication.

Best regards,
Mr. Momtaz Kabbout

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