Monday, February 24, 2014

Mail 23/02/2014.

Good Day,

I am Barrister David Walker,I am a private and personal attorney to Mr.Babak Zanjani who owns Sorinet group, Qeshm Airlines, and the Rah Ahan
Football Club in Iran.Made a fortune helping the government of Iran to evade the restrictions on oil sales.

As a personal attorney to Mr.Babak Zanjani,he handed over to me in transfer of money of a Tajikistan oil merchant for his last oil deal with
my boss.Already the funds have left the shore of Iran to a Vault Company.While i was on the process,my Boss got arrested for funds he
received from certain bodies, and received oil and other shipments which he did not return the funds to the government under Ahmadinejad's

Please read this clip to see things for your self:

I will need you to go into partnership with me.All I need from you is to stand as the beneficiary of funds and I will re-profile the funds with
your full name and address,which will enable the vault company release the sum to you as the sole beneficiary.
The amount in question is Thirty-five million dollars(US$35M) which i suggest that we share this 25%-75% but if you don't like the percentage we
discuss that on your next mail to me.

Please include your personal phone number in your response for secure and easy communication between us. I will stop here until I hear from you and
i will provide more details.


David Walker.

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