Thursday, February 13, 2014

Compliment of the day,

Compliment of the day,

I am Doctor James Rawlings, I decided to contact you directly for an investment with you in my company. Our company is into production of Pharmaceutical products and Animal Vaccines.

There are some materials that my company needs from India for research and development of its anti HIV therapy, Hypertension, Parkinson, Disease, Rest legs syndrome, stroke. And for production of film and Sugar Coated Tablets, all sizes of hard Shell Capsules, Bulk Powders, Ointments and small to large scale Creams and Liquids production.

We have been purchasing the materials from Kenya in Africa but it is very scarce over there now, but I got the contact of a dealer of this same product in India who is selling good quality product. But I am having problem with the owner of the products because of one Mr. Greg Meyer whom introduced them to me. He has betrayed me in our first business and now I am having a doubt about honesty of him, that is why I contacted you to stand as the real and major dealer of the said material and you will be dealing directly with the MD of my company.

This Message is personally for you alone. Please I request it to be treated as such only.
Hope you are a good and honest person to be my business partner. If interested please respond via email:, I will then forward you more details on how you are going to handle this business transaction without misunderstanding. I am currently in the United States of America and will be glad to hear from you.

Please take out a moment of your very busy schedule to respond back for more details.

James Rawlings

Tel    : 516 858-5732
Fax    :516 430 5014

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Spotter said...

And here I thought Dr. Rawlings loved only me. I am shattered!