Sunday, November 10, 2013



How are you today, I must let you know that I am so sorry for all the
delay,Now i want to inform you the Good News thati recieve from the Bank
Director Yesterday I went down to the Bank that want to transfer our fund
into the Account you send to me, I told them that the transfer charges
they ask us to pay is not with us,

And the Bank director told me that he can only help us in this way but he
will get some share of the money after you receive it to your position,and
I have no choice than to allow him to help us fast,

So The Bank director told me that he will move the fund to your country
with they Bank Diplomat to come and meet you in  your country for you to
receive the funds and he said that after you receive it you will have to
give the Diplomat their own share to come Back to him immediately and the
Bank director told me i should let you know that the money you will gave
to the diplomat will be the sum of $70.000 after you receive the found
from the diplomat,
So he told me that the diplomat will move by tomorrow or next week monday
to come and meet you in your country, and when the diplomat arrive he will
call you on your contact phone number to let you know that is already

And send a copy of your photo or working id card or drivers lances to
me,again please this is very urgent,

below is  information

(1)Full name:

So please the Bank Director said that you should send your correct full
address and phone number to your next mail to me so that I will proceed
with your full details to the Bank immediately,

Barrister chika eze

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