Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dear Beloved,

Dear Beloved,

I am writing this letter with heartfelt of tears since we have not met ourselves previously, I want to reassure you that this transaction is 100% legitimate and genuine and will be executed in a transparent way. also I want to thank you for your consideration to attend to my proposal, I am ready in all manner to seal this transaction with you, hoping this will mark the beginning of a long lasting business and family relationship between us.

I am Flord Edward, the only child of late Mr & Mrs Bright .H. Edward Jr of blessed memory. Prior to my Parents assassination by his relations so that the can inherit my father wealth because he was a Multy Millionaire and the President/CEO of Sacre Coeur Minerals, Ltd.

Before the death of my parents I am into the university studying mass communications but their death had disrupted my ambition. I managed to escape to a save place through the help of a travelling agent. Presently I a
m where I have been taking refuge after the brutal murder of my parents by our relations and this is my second month here. And right now I am determined to move to your country with this ($5,OOO,OOO Million Dollars) which my late Father kept in the Bank with my name as the next of kin.

Right now I require your assistance to help me in retrieving and transferring the fund to your country for investment purposes under your guidance since I am only 21yrs. I don't know what to do from here, moreover, I don't have any experience of any business at all, but according to my spirit that led me to contact you, I noted that you are a Trust-worthy person who will not cheat me and your Country also being as Economic Conducive for investment and the people as transparent and Trust-worthy to engage in business.

As my foreign partner I have it in mind to reward you with 25% for your assistance. Finally please ensure that no one else knows about this money as it is onl
y I and you know about this money.

May God protect and guide you as you assist me.

Yours sincerely,

Flord Edward.     

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