Sunday, July 21, 2013

Benefactor/ Bailout

Dear Friend

I am writing you concering your outstanding payment claim of $10.5M which I
have personal verified in the government gazzet
for payment after several deferrance in the past because
of your inability to meet up all the mandatory financial obliguation
required therein - taxes.levies,bank charges etc..

However .I have found a way out and solution to your financial incapabilty,
A third party investor/financier is interested and willing to partner with
you to get your claim fund payment a reality only if you will agree on this
terms and conditions

1. He the financier would take 30% after the $10.5M claim funds has been paid to
you.which is waiting for pick up only after all financial obligations are met.

2. For the whole fund claim process to work smoothly I will be your attorney
and sole representative here to supervise the payment process of the
funds,the financier would invest by make money available to fuel your claim
payment process based on my evaluation recommendation this will be backed up
with power of attorney from you authorizing me solely as your only
representative here.

3. A legal agreement as Assurance Guaranty Certificate must be procured by
you via a high Court here binding all parties with certification documents
in your name/status as the recipient/ beneficiary of the loan from the
investor/financier in accordance of terms and conditions avoid
default and manipulation on your part as your name/Status reflects as the
account case you deflect with the whole money.

Please respond immediately so we can proceed with your project on time with
your following details

1,Your Full Names
2.Residential Address tel/cel numbers
4.Bank Details
5.any form of Identification via scanned copy.

AKeem Obansanjo (Barrister)
Obasanjo & Associates

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