Friday, April 12, 2013

Compensation Benficiary Funds is Ready

Attn: Beneficiary/scam victims.

I'm Rev Davo Lords, Confidential Deputy Director of Operations, Cia, USA and
chairman committee on settlement of foreign dept and scam victims.

Due to recent memorandum of understanding reached between Nigerian
Government,United states Ambassador to Nigeria/Asia Europe and United Nation on
settlement of foreign dept and all victims of advanced fee fraud and
dating scam, Internet Cyber Fraud which have brought untold hardship to the victims and bad
reputation to the country's Image,$500 Million dollars has been allocated
in the fiscal year for the purpose of settlement of foreign debt and
compensation of scam victims.

we came across your name and email during the interrogation of one of the suspected
fraudsters here.

I have been mandated to contact you for verification purpose and payment
following the discovery of counter claims on your files by one Mr John
Mathew, who is presently trying to make us believe that you are dead.
The big question  here is:

1. Did you sign any deed of assignment in favor of John Mathew thereby
making him the beneficiary of the funds/compensation with the details:

You are advised to get back to us on receipt of this message to avoid
wrong payment/compensation and stop any further communication with any
group or department as this has contributed to the delay in payment of
your fund. And do not click any strange link from a strange suspected scams
letters. That they used to get your information and claim to be you. In
Other to get your funds on your behalf even ask you to send them money

On behalf of the people and president of this country, I apologies for the
delay in the payment and hardship this must have caused you. Please be rest
assured that as soon as you respond to this message, immediate action will
be taken on the release of your fund.
Please respond to us via email:
Phone: +12514948972
I wait for your urgent response and clarification.

Sincerely Yours,
Rev Davo Lords.

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