Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We Offer,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings. We have investors that offer soft loan with 4% interest from 5  to 10 years contract period.

1) Funds Available ranges from One Million to One Billion USD. We have investors that are ready to fund your business plans if it is suitable to them.

2) The investor is not ready to be part of the business  venture you are going to place the fund.Hence, you are entitle to make your maximum profit to pay back the fund  loaned to you.The investor will only fund you on agreement with him. And you will be responsible for the placement and management of the fund without interference from the investor.

3)You have to send your business Plans and amount you required for the project together with your firm profile  in PDF FORMAT so that I will submit them  to the investors in our database for proper screening of your project(Business Plans).

4)Make sure the amount you map out for the Business Plans will be enough to carry out your project with out further excuse to carry out your funded project. As soon as confirmed above information,we shall proceed with other necessary arrangement with the investors so that you can have personal communication with them for the release of the fund to you.

Tomson Jackson

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