Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hello my dear friend

How r you my dear friend.Inş your very well.We are dealing with international internet advertising and looking for business partners and representatives.

We have  all e-mail addresses around the world and we can send them advertisings. You can work with us as finding new customers, new advertisements in your country and you can gain money.
If you find new advertisement (How many e-mails does it/he/she want us to send (at least 1.000.000 e-mails for 4.000 euros)- to which counrty), You can gain 20% (800 euros for 4.000 euros). You will receive 20% and send us 3.200 euros for advertisement)
    2.000.000    E-mails     8.000 Euros= (20%  1.600 euros for you)
   10.000.000   E-mails    40.000  Euros= (20%    8.000 euros for you )                              "
100.000.000    E-mails  400.000  Euros= (20%  80.000 euros for you)                                 "
Our Bank Account IBAN number: TR77 0020 3000 0141 9282 0000 03
I am looking forward to hear from you. Please ask me any question if you have. 
Sincerely    Yasin Muhsin

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