Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I Sincerely Apologize if am Interfering on your Privacy, I am Dr. Roselyn Kenneth and also Work with (AL- AYUNI GROUP Pharma Dept) In UK, I am urgently looking for a Sincere and Serious Business Person in INDIA and BANGLADESH whom I will share this Secrete with. Actually I have been working as a Procurement Manager in my Company And I have been coming to INDIA for a Particular Product in which my Company said can only be found in INDIA through the hand of one Local Dealer. I Contacted you because, my Company have Promoted my Position and Another Person is now replacing me as a Procurement Manager and he will be Coming to INDIA to Purchase the Product for my Company, I use to Purchase it at Rate of $1,800.00 USD and Sale to my Company at Rate of $5,800.00 USD. Now all I need is to link you to my Company here directly for your benefit and profit. I await to hear from you for more details. It is very profiting and you will really benefit from it. Sincerely Dr Roselyn Kenneth

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