Monday, August 18, 2014



Please read and reply as soon as possible. I am Walter Bruce Willis, a
popular movie actor based in USA, you may recognize me if you are good
with American action and thriller movies. My most recent movie
appearance among thousands of films is in RED 2 which is being rated
among the world best movie.

I have achieved allot in the movie industry since 1980's and now decided
to own my own bestselling movie industry. I see much prospects in your
country and I have written some movies that has your country settings in
some parts. The preparations and arrangement have been completed but the
government of your country insisted that they will not give me business
license and professional pass for the film making and production
industry unless I pick a business partner from your country.

The above condition is a big problem to me as I do not know any
responsible and business minded person whom will be willing to partner
with me in this venture. While searching I got some information about
you from your country directory and decided to contact you. This is an
opportunity for us to establish a world class industry which will
generate profit for us and our generations. My films are very decent,
legal and sell profitably allover the world. The production and
equipment services will also be open to other producers from every part
of the world as I have acquired state of the art equipments and film
production materials. There will also be film acting and equipments
operation training institution attached to the industry which will also
be very lucrative. This partnership will not affect your job or personal
business and do not require heavy financial involvement from you.

Kindly reply to my email and provide your
mobile telephone number for more details if you are interested in the
partnership. I will Send my Pictures for your recognition and I am
willing to show my American Identity cards for your site and record.


Walter Bruce Willis.
Beverly Hills, California, USA.

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