Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Attn: Friend.

I am the chief operations manager of, Falkland oil and Gas marketing company, and by the virtue, as the chief operations manager .I got your contact address from an associate working with the London export promotional council and decided to propose this business am seeking your assistance in remittance of, 15, 000, 000, 00 British Pounds, to your account for private investment purpose, hence my request for your assistance.
The fund to be transferred into your account accrued from an over-invoiced contract amount awarded for servicing of our depot and valves for storage of product all over our branches here in London. The contract which was originally valued for, 127, 000, 000,00. British pounds, was manipulated to read, 142, 000, 000, 00.British pounds, the extra, 15, 000, 000, 00. British pound, is what i want to transfer to your account, the contractors has been paid all their contract bills remaining this 15, 000, 000, 00.British pounds
I have resolved that you take 30% of the total amount for your assistance because it is impossible for me to claim the over invoiced amount here in London without your assistance. In addition 10% has been mapped out for any miscellaneous expenses incurred by me and you during this business.
All modalities to effect the payment and subsequent transfer of this money has been worked out, so this transaction is 100% risk free, though you are required to treat with strictest confidence ,on my acceptance send to me your confidential fax line and phone for speedy correspondence.
I am looking forward to doing business with you. Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.
Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Timothy Jones
Chief Financial Officer,  Falkland oil and Gas marketing company.

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