Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kindly Assist

 My name is Rina Patel from Japan, I was married to Late
Sir Patel an English Man from the United Kingdom who was an oil explorer
in Libya and Kuwait for twelve years before he died in the year 2010.
I am an E.C. patient without any child and presently hospitalized.I was abandoned
by relatives. my doctor says I have few days to live and I desire to
stay within the confinement of my hospital room and live out my last
days on earth quietly. I asked that my hospital room be equipped with
a laptop for me to take care of some outstanding issues.One of which
is my desire to donate an amount of money(Two Million Pounds) to cancer
research institutes and other charity organizations.I decided to come
online and find some one remotely afar who can receive the funds from
where it has been deposited and disburse the money to cancer research
institutes and other deserving charity organizations. 25% can go for
your personal needs for your time taken from your busy schedule to work
with me on this sole act of charity. Indicate your wiliness to assist by
sending an email to my private email box (
My barrister will contact you immediately as he will be informed.
The Holy Spirit led me to do it this way. Please be prayerful all through your
life. Until I hear from you my dreams will rest squarely on your shoulders.

Kind Regards,
Rina Patel

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