Tuesday, August 7, 2012


                                                         MALAYSIA MINISTRY OF FINANCE

                                                      { FOREIGN CONTRACT PAYMENT BUREAU }
                                                        62592 Putrajaya , Malaysia .

                                                          RE: URGENT BUSINESS OFFER

                                                        { STRICTLY CONFIDENTIALS PLZ }

I know you will be surprised and skeptical to receive strange e mail message from a strange personality. My name is Mr. HENRY  OBEN, director in charge of  sub-contract approvals and payment at Malaysian Ministry of finance.

I got your e mail address in the course of my diligent search of internet links containing reputable foreign e mail addresses, with the help of a computerized software.

I have an offer that might interest you which will culminate your financial status perpetually. This offer arose from the Federal Government of malaysia reserve vault under my care, from which we pay both Indigenous and foreign contractors their executed contract and Sub contract Payments.I have deliberately but legitimately over-invoiced the total sum  of US$20,000,000.00 (Twenty, million United States dollars only), which I am offering you to stand as the legitimate Sub-contractor {beneficiary} to this stated amount, which will also be shared between you and I, in  50%-50% disbursement ratio.

I am offering you this Deal because I guess and trust you must be a serious and faithful partner, as trust is the cornerstone of every successful Partnership.

The only thing needed for this US$ 20 million to be swiftly wired into your account,Via payment by Telegraphic Bank to Bank wire transfer under 72 Banking hours,is how swift and committed you will be in standing as the bonafide sub contractor to this amount of $20 million and a bank account that will be used in accommodating this fund, which we shall legally accredited / normalize at the Federal High Court of Justice here in Malaysia as a diplomatic account, for accommodation of your Legitimately acquired DIPLOMATIC SUB-CONTRACT  payment, in accordance with the Malaysian Government's Financial act, as amended by fund-in-transit act of 1998.

Already all modalities are in place to register this fund transfer  as a diplomatic Sub contract compensation, and be adequately informed that this is not a direct contract payment, But a diplomatic Sub contract payment, you will stand as a sub-contractor to the original contractors who have already been paid last week.

Therefore, there will be no much bureaucratic protocols, other than the little bureaucracy to be carried out at the federal high Court of Malaysia, where your yet to nominate  banking details shall be normalized and attested as a diplomatic account, which shields it from unnecessary stop orders from several international fund transfer regulatory and monitoring agencies, that usually place holds on huge fund transfer in order to request a certain percentage of the fund as fund transfer certification clearance.

Please note that if you desire to accomplish this transaction with me, just reach me immediately, furnishing me with your updated personal information. Be assured that this transaction will take us just few days to be consummated, provided you are committed to work with me.

Sincere wishes and Best regards

Foreign Contract Payment Bureau. {Director}
Malaysian Ministry Of Finance.


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