Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Earn US$1,500 or more in a week on a part time basis as an agent

Subject: Earn US$1,500 or more in a week on a part time basis as an agent
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 13:35:31 +0100
Asnaco Enterprises
Accra, Ghana
West Africa
I am Brian Clarke. I am the Managing Director of Asnaco Enterprises, a company which deals in African Prints, textiles, and fabrics. We are located in Ghana, West Africa. We currently seek to recruit overseas based receiver-agents who would receive payments on our behalf from our international clientele. We have clients in parts of Europe, North America and Asia.
We had to embark on this recruitment drive as a result of the difficulties we experience whenever we receive payments from our international clients. Due to a lack of supporting local infrastructure in our country, we are unable to receive payments via online payment systems, paypal and credit cards. Also the lengthy processing of international checks and other money instruments from foreign countries, causes cash flow problems.
As an individual would you be interested in acting as our receiver agent in your country on a part-time basis? All you have to do is receive payments from our clients on our behalf. For rendering this valuable service, you get to keep ten percent of whatever amount you receive from our clients, and send the rest to us as cash according to our payment instructions.
please note: you are not paying for anything and no one is asking you for any banking information. We only require your honesty and reliability.
If you are interested in our offer then send your full names, country of residence and mobile number when responding to this offer to the underlisted emailaddress:
We would respond with further details about this arrangement.
We appreciate the time taken by you to read our offer, and we look forward to hearing from you.
Brian Clarke
Managing Director
Asnaco Enterprises

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